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Byram Bridle is a "viral immunologist who is passionate about improving life"... albeit not by reducing the spread of COVID-19 misinformation

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Fast Facts about Bridle's Claims

Bridle's Claims

"… we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin …"

"… it's the first time ever scientists have been privy to seeing where these messenger RNA go after vaccination …"

"… this has implications for blood donation ... this has implications for infants that are suckling ... this has serious implications for ... all of our children …"

About mRNA Vaccines

mRNA or messenger RNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine based on an old technology

The mRNA platform allows scientists to develop, test, and establish the safety and efficacy of novel vaccines in months instead of years.

Despite what some may claim, this shortened timeline isn't because scientists cut corners – it's because the science got better.

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How do the mRNA Vaccines Work?

First, the mRNA vaccine is injected into the upper-arm (the deltoid) muscle. There is no spike protein in the mRNA vaccines; the vaccines contain mRNA wrapped in lipid-nanoparticles (like tiny versions of tapioca balls in bubble tea) that help them enter your cells.

After the mRNA vaccine enters your cells, the cells use the mRNA as instructions to create a piece of the inactivated spike protein. The mRNA does not enter the nucleus of your cell, and does not interact with your DNA – it's one and done, and is destroyed after the protein is created.

Finally, the new proteins move to the surface of your cells, where they can be detected by your immune system. They don't leave your cells like viral proteins – they're stuck to the cell's surface by specially designed anchor regions. Once your immune system detects these proteins, it begins to create antibodies that protect you from COVID-19.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Almost 90% of Canadians use online sources to find information about COVID-19, but only about 15% of Canadians verify that infomation by reading multiple sources – check some out high-quality sources below.

Exploring Bridle's Claims in Depth

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What did he get wrong?

When Bridle claims “… we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin …” he is fundamentally incorrect for multiple reasons.

First and foremost, there is no spike protein in the vaccine. But if we assume he means the spike proteins created by your cells are toxic, then he's suggesting that:

  1. The spike protein is distributed throughout the body, and accumulates in tissues and organs.
  2. The spike protein is inherently toxic, and is capable of damaging these tissues.

Bridle Claims ...

... the spike protein accumulates in the spleen, in the liver, in bone marrow, and the adrenal glands ...

... the spike protein accumulates in breast milk, and in the blood.

But the spike protein does not accumulate throughout the body

Bridle claims he has gained access (through a FOI request to the Japanese government) to a new bio-distribution study that demonstrates (for the first time ever!) the distribution of the mRNA vaccines in the body. An image of the relevant table being circulated is presented below. This is untrue (or at least, very misleading) for several reasons.

  1. There are exisiting bio-distribution studies.
  2. The PMDA source document has been available publicly for months, and was considered in the European Medicines Agency assessment of the vaccines.
  3. The experiment was conducted in rats, not in humans.
  4. The results are presented by Bridle and his proponents as to suggest the experimenters were measuring concentration and accumulation of spike protein; they were actually measuring tagged lipid-nanoparticles representing the mRNA vaccine.
  5. There are multiple studies demonstrating the vaccine and associated antibodies don't pass through breast milk.

The presented table ...

... is about mRNA, not the spike protein (despite the conflation in the interview) ...

... was conducted in rats ...

... and has the ovaries highlighted to alarm readers.

A page of the PMRA study showing distribution of the lipid-nanoparticle mRNA in rats. The text is in Japanese, and the ovaries row is highlighted.

This is the image being circulated. The original report is here, and a translated version (source of translation unclear) is here.

Notice how the result is highlighted (and often presented as a measurement of spike protein) to alarm, despite evidence demonstrating the vaccine has no effect on ovarian function. Though, if you look to the right for context (conveniently not highlighted by those who circulate the image) the accumulation in the ovaries represents at peak 0.095% (that’s 0.00095 of the dose) of the mRNA injected. Remember, the vaccine – not the spike protein.

Bridle Claims ...

... the spike is toxic, and causes clotting or bleeding ...

... and the spike protein can cross the blood brain barrier and affect the brain.

But the spike protein produced by your cells is not in the same form or concentration as the viral protein

There are two important facts about the spike protein Bridle is ignoring:

  1. The spike protein created by your cells is not the same as the viral spike protein; it has been modified to remain attached to the surface of your cells (so it doesn't freely circulate in the blood), and has been inactivated to further reduce binding to ACE2 receptors. Here's an advanced explanation of how the protein is stabilized.
  2. The concentration of spike protein created by your cells is 100,000x lower than the level of viral spike protein shown to cause harm. Yes, 100,000 lower than the levels detected by Ogata et al. (2021) (this is the 11/13 healthcare workers study).
And while Bridle continues to make claims of toxicity, it's not clear if he actually believes that; afterall, he received $230,000 from the Ford (provincial) government to develop a competing vaccine using the same spike protein he claims is toxic. Notably, he expects his vaccine to be ready in 2 - 4 years; it's unclear if his vaccine will be necessary given the safety and efficacy of current vaccines.

Bridle Claims ...

... "looking into the adverse event database in the United States, we have found evidence of suckling infants experiencing bleeding disorders in the gastrointestinal tract" ...

But VAERS accepts all claims and does not demonstrate causality

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a United States government program that collects reports of adverse effects (possible side effects) following vaccination. Canada's equivalent program, the (Canadian Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance System) CAEFISS, collects reports of adverse effects in Canada, and incorporates active surveillance to further increase the sensitivity of the system.

Both of these systems allow anyone – doctors, nurses, and the public – to submit reports of adverse effects. This makes the system incredibly sensitive, but it means submissions can be missing data, can lack detail, and can contain unintentional (and sometimes intentional) errors. In summary, we cannot determine from these submissions that the vaccine caused the reported adverse event.

Bridle's appeal to VAERS without providing context is a common anti-vaccine trope. This article describes the practice in the context of Tucker Carlson's recent vaccine disinformation statements.

For more context, John Oliver's latest video on vaccine misinformation explores the practice of appealing to VAERS, and the tactic of repeatedly "raising concerns" or "just asking questions" from a position of authority without providing answers.

If you'd like to review the data yourself, CAEFISS makes available detailed weekly reports – including visualizations – of the adverse events reported in Canada. If you'd like to learn more about the other parts of Canada's extensive vaccine safety systems, you can do so here, courtesy of the Canadian Paediatric Society. You can also review VAERS data here.

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  • User laughterinlight is an immunologist who has a series of videos addressing Bridle's claims.

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Bridle's Other Activities and More

A History and Excerpts of Bridle's Claims

A full history of Bridle's claims is available here, and will be updated regularly.

About Adam Skelly

Adam Skelly is a rich man. After a GoFundMe was set up to cover his legal costs, he raised over $300,000 dollars from people who thought they were supporting a struggling small business owner in need.

Read how crowdfunding can be used for money laundering here.

Adamson Barbecue

Bridle is currently engaged by Elders Without Borders as an expert witness on behalf of Adam Skelly (owner of Adamson BBQ), and has testified against the effectiveness of masks, against lockdowns, and against the "experimental" vaccines (which he reasons are unnecessary with his proposed treatment – ivermectin).

Skelly has been charged with operating his restaurant without a licence (independent of COVID-19 restrictions), for refusing to close his business during COVID-19 restrictions, and has been billed for incurring over $150,000 in policing costs.

About Alex Pierson

Alex Pierson is the host of ON Point, a Canadian radio show on Global News 640.

It was Pierson who allowed – if not outright encouraged – Bridle to make his incendiary claims unchallenged.

Global News Radio and Misinformation

Alex Pierson's ON Point is a member of the Global News Radio family. Bridle has been a regular guest of late, appearing on her show several times. For context, her other recent works include:

  • "Are the lockdown measures just as deadly as the virus itself?"
  • "Why are mental health experts telling all levels of government Everything is Not Ok? Will China ever be held accountable for lies surrounding Covid?..."
  • "A secretive and conflicted federal vaccine task force..."
  • "Civil liberties are being sacrificed to help curb the spread of COVID-19, but to what end? And a new book by a former liberal MP that Trudeau might not want you to read"
  • "Why did Trudeau invite the Chinese military to see our military secrets? Why don’t we have rapid testing in place yet? And a conversation with Trudeau’s half brother"
  • "Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger apologizes for the 'climate scare'"

But it's not just her show that uncritically platforms those spreading misinformation. A concerned listener has documented misinformation on a wide range of topics presented on Global News Radio. They demonstrate the extent of Global News' abdication of responsibility with respect to their radio content.

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